Ttg propd charrobin
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 14
Friends: Starfire (crush), Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Terra, Speedy
Relatives: Batman (adoptive father and mentor)



  • As seen in Driver's Ed, Robin's mask is a pair of glasses and he has very small black circles for eyes, however, in The Mask, Robin uses his mask to cover his identity.
  • As shown in Dog Hand and Nose Mouth, Robin has a desire to be more muscular.
  • As seen in Laundry Day, Robin has fangirls.
  • It is revealed in Parasite that Robin has various pictures of himself which he stores in his computer.
  • Robin is the only Titan who does not have the natural ability to fly.
  • In Staff Meeting, it's shown that Robin has an unhealthy attachment to his staff and treats it like a real person. He will become extremely emotional if his staff is broken.
  • Robin has his own, branded headphones, shown in Meatball Party.
  • Robin seems to love tacos, as shown in Lazy Sunday.
  • Sometimes Robin's birdarangs are red, while usually they are black.
  • Robin has an extreme fear of Batman as shown in "Sidekick" and "Thanksgiving", hinting at a possible mistreatment at Batman's hands.
  • Robin doesn't like to be called "Boy Wonder", but in Dog Hand, he didn't seem to mind when Trigon called him Boy Wonder.
  • Robin is a fan of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, which Raven likes.
  • Robin has been shown to have bad breathe multiple times in the series, for example in "More of the Same" and "Rocks and Water".
  • It was shown in "Yearbook Madness" that the other heroes in the DC universe like the Teen Titans except Robin.
  • It has been shown in Spice Game that Robin cannot take spicy foods.
  • It has been shown in the episode Grube's Fairytales that Robin can play the flute.