Nirmala Pashimbrana
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Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 12
Friends: Jaya Madurpore, Lee Wang
First Appearance: SOS Saris!


Nirmala is a very shy, and caring girl, to the point that she can't turn down requests. She is generous also, and feels bad for children in hospital, who can't have candies for halloween. Despite her talents, she also lacks confidence to show it off at first.


Nirmala is a pale brown skinned girl with big, berry colored eyes and dull, long blue hair. She wears a stringed head piece with blue gems in the center of her forehead, and big, golden earrings with cyan gems in it. She also wears a gray outfit with cyan lining and a tiger head on the chest, along with two gold bangles on both arms during dance practice.

For her special performance, Nirmala wore a yellow-orange themed Sari with pink accenting and pants.


  • It is possible that Jaya and Lee Wang could be Nirmala's friends since she was helping them steal all the Halloween candies for the children in the hospitals.