Littlest Pet Shop

Comedy Fantasy



The series comprises several voice actors from the Hub Network's sister animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.[1] Among the shared cast are Ashleigh Ball, who plays the role of protagonist Blythe Baxter.[1] Also shared are the voices of Tabitha St. Germain voices a striped skunk named Pepper Clark, who resides in the pet store's day camp; Nicole Oliver portrays Zoe Trent, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; and Peter New plays a banded mongoose named Sunil Nevla.[1] Shannon Chan-Kent voices the Biskit twins, Brittany and Whittany Biskit; she provides the singing voice for Pinkie Pie in Friendship Is Magic.[2] Of the remaining cast, Russell Ferguson, a European hedgehog, is portrayed by Samuel Vincent; Vinnie Terrio, a gecko, is played by Kyle Rideout; Minka Mark, a spider monkey, is voiced by Kira Tozer; and Penny Ling, a giant panda, is portrayed by Jocelyne Loewen.[1] Kathleen Barr, who voices several characters from the previous Littlest Pet Shop series, portrays the voice of Blythe's employer Mrs. Anna Twombly.[1][3] Several actors of the main cast also portray supporting and minor characters: Chan-Kent portrays Youngmee Song; Tozer portrays Sue Patterson; and Barr plays Jasper Jones: all three are Blythe's schoolmates; Vincent, who voices Russell, also portrays the voice of Fisher Biskit and Josh Sharp.[3]

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