Juniper Lee
Juniper Lee 01
Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 11
Friends: Jody Irwin, Ophelia Ramírez, Roger Radcliffe
Enemies: Every evil Magic creature
Relatives: Jasmine Lee (grandmother), Ray Ray Lee (younger brother), Dennis Lee (older brother)
Occupation: High-school student, The Te Xuan Se (Magic Superheroine)
First Appearance: It's Your Party and I'll Whine if I Want To

Clothes and appearancesEdit

June is an asian girl, with a slender body and long black straight hair, almost reaching her waist with a pink wisp. She very long legs and three freckles above her nose forming a triangle. She also is known for having incredibly large feet.

She has said to have a hair too straight and a flat nose.

June's clothes are a pair of brown shoes, a pair of blue jeans, a green t-shirt with short sleeves and pink edges and a stylized stylized pink juniper flower on the chest.