Ikura Maki
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Character Information
Gender: Male
Friends: Kani Maki, Maguro Maki, Tako Maki, Wasabi Pow
First Appearance: But is it Art?


Ikura has a short temper. He shows what a great team member he can be when the pack is in trouble. He is a hothead, and can be very impulsive. At times, his voice is prone to cracking.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ikura has small "bumps" on the sides of his head. He has an orange sushi symbol on his chest and two-sushi bottomed feet. When the team does their signature Sushi Roll, he contorts into a small, orange sushi roll. He has pointed teeth.

Official ProfilesEdit

AGKidZone Website: Ikura Maki is a hothead with a shot fuse who's always ready at a moment's notice. He's small, but he makes up in bravery what he lacks in size - except when it comes to bears!

Neopets Sushi Pack Promotional Website: Thanks to his will of wonder, Ikura never gives up, even when his gung-ho attitude has put him in a situation with horrible odds.