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Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 12
Friends: Betty


Erna is a tan girl with brown eyes worn underneath a pair of cat-eye shaped bronze glasses. She has long black hair worn with a red and white flowery head bandanna and has a matching bindi. Her outfit consists of a white tank top with red accenting and ribbons on her shoulders, a red belt, and a pair of lime-green trousers.


Erna is a very helpful person. She's one of the best students but has become terrified of failure or receiving bad marks. She likes modern technology and uses the newest inventions. She also played a virtual pets game called "Animalville" and liked it so much that she wanted to cheat.


  • In "International Day" she compliments the Brazilian flag, but during Sally's song her flag is Malaysian.
  • One of her cameoes prove that Bob is her boyfriend. (Comic Book Caper).