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Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Friends: Crimson
Enemies: Jacques, Josee
First Appearance: None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1

Ennui is a contestant on Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race as a member of The Goths team with Crimson.


Ennui is a dark, brooding soul who has been described to have the emotional range of a stone gargoyle. It is unclear as to why he and his girlfriend Crimson are participating in the show, or if they're even enjoying the experience. Despite his dark and creepy appearance, Ennui actually has an animal magnetism that affects cute and fluffy animals like rabbits, much to his and Crimson's initial disgust. However, he soon adopts one and becomes emotionally bonded with it. While Ennui gravitates towards looking alone and avoids forming alliances, he never shows any malice towards other contestants, with the exception of the Ice Dancers.



  • Ennui, along with Crimson, are two of several characters to possess theme music, along with Duncan, Izzy, Justin, Lindsay, Owen, Alejandro, several of Mike's alternate personalities, Max, Sugar, Jay, Mickey, Jacques, Josee, Rock, Spud, and Dwayne. In their case it is a dark, gloomy theme that plays in their interviews.
  • In Bjorken Telephone, it is revealed that Ennui knows Icelandic. This makes him one of seven contestants who can speak more than one language, the others being Alejandro, Crimson, Ezekiel, Harold, Noah and Sky.
  • Ennui is one of four contestants with the ability to communicate with animals, the others being Izzy, Dawn, and Ella.
  • Ennui, Justin, Chef Hatchet, Leonard, Lightning, Cameron, B, and Ryan are the only males to have prominent lips.
  • Ennui, Duncan, Alejandro and Lightning and B are the only characters with piercings.


  • "Ennui" is a French word meaning a feeling of listless boredom from a lack of excitement or interest, which matches his personality.
  • When the first promotional poster was released, Ennui's eyes were blue.
  • As revealed in I Love Ridonc & Roll, Ennui and Crimson are actually Caucasian teenagers underneath their make-up and wig. It is also revealed that neither of them have seen the other without make-up, despite dating for three years.