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Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 12
Relatives: Sita (younger sister)


She's so proud of her trophies, she put them next to her bed. She was terrified, when they disappeared. After Mr. Big found her trophies before Sally, she mocked her and didn't appreciate her trying.

She was preparing for a singing contest and wanted to sing with Rebecca, but she ignored practicing. She was devastated by this.


Dharshie is a tan skinned girl with dark blue-black eyes and a bindi in her forehead . She wears her long, dark blue hair in a wavy ponytail held with a red scrunchie on top and a green one near the bottom. She wears a white blouse with green designs all over it, a red skirt, a blue and white bracelet, and matching earrings.


  • When Sally and Doowee got her trophies back, she kissed Doowee on the cheek.