Clarence Wendell
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Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 9
Friends: Sumo, Jeff Randell, Breehn, Chelsea, Percy, Nathan, Dustin, Belson, Chad Kimby, Malessica, Courtlin, Amy Gillis, Kate
Enemies: Tinia (apparently in Patients), The Goose, Belson (Sometimes), Seabass, Cooter, Dilliss Wendell, Balance, Joshua Maverick, Malakevin, Jeff Randell (Formerly), Mr. Noles, Ms. Lofton Ms. Shoop (Formerly)
Relatives: Mary Wendell (mother), Damian (biological father), Dillis Wendell (grandmother), Chad (step-father), Seymour Wendell (grandfather)
First Appearance: Pilot

Clarence Wendell

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