Blossom (Bertha)


Bertha the Run of the Mill Girl

Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Chemical X offspring of sugar, spice, and everything nice
Age: 5
Friends: Ms. Keane (teacher/best friend), Mayor, Ms. Bellum, Guru Chillaxi, The Sensitive Thugz, Derbytantes
Enemies: Mojo Jojo, HIM, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Sedusa, The Gangreen Gang, Princess Morbucks, Manboy, Packrat, Lava Lady, Brick
Relatives: Professor Utonium (father), Bubbles (sister), Buttercup (sister),
Occupation: Leader of The Powerpuff Girls
First Appearance: Whoopass Stew (known as the Whoopass Girls at that time), Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins (first official screen-time known as The Powerpuff Girls), Insect Inside (first official screen-time on their own series)