Beast Boy
Beast Boy
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Altered Human
Age: 14
Friends: Raven (possible love interest), Terra (former love interest), Cyborg (best friend), Robin,

Starfire, Aqualad

Relatives: Mark Logan (father; deceased), Marie Logan (mother; deceased)


  • Beast Boy is a self-proclaimed vegetarian, but he shows the characteristics of a vegan, not eating real eggs or drinking real milk. However, he is seen eating ice-cream.
  • Beast Boy apparently doesn't wear socks. When Mother Mae-Eye puts Beast Boy's shoes on for him, he has no socks on.
  • His shoes seem to be put on with Velcro, but it is revealed that there are laces under the Velcro.
  • Beast Boy is the only male Titan to have his real first name said during the series (Garfield).
  • Height 5'0" and weighs 150 lbs.
  • Beast Boy enjoys steam painting in the bathroom. ("Serious Business")
  • Beast Boy appears to have a fondness for pickles, as shown in Matched and No Power.
  • It is shown Beast Boy likes burritos such as in Burger vs. Burrito and in Meatball Party where he wants to turn the couch into a Burrito by using Raven's spell book, as well as presenting burritos for the Second Christmas dinner.
  • In In and Out, Beast Boy's outfit when going by his villain personality "Beast Bob" is an outfit from the New Teen Titans comics.
  • As of the end of "Head Fruit", Beast Boy no longer has a brain.
  • Beast Boy is also similar to Rigby from Regular Show.
    • They are both unintelligent.
    • They both refuses to their boss; Robin for Beast Boy and Benson for Rigby.
    • They are both closest to their best friend, Beast Boy along with Cyborg and Mordecai with Rigby.
    • They both like video games along with their best friend.
    • They both have a love interest; Raven for Beast Boy and Eileen for Rigby
  • His birthday may be November 12, as BBB Day!'s premiere date is November.